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You’ll find tutorial videos on all kinds of patterns & beads, tool specific projects as well as technics.

In addition to great content we have provided links to the beads and products used in videos to make it easy for you to find what you see.

"Interchange Bracelet" | by TrendSetter Rochelle Jay

Using Right Angle Weave to stitch together 2-Hole-3-Hole and 4-Hole Starman Czech Beads is unique, by spacing each multiple hole bead with a TOHO 11/o Round seed bead in-between, and you are always working the circular pattern in a consistent direction, and you always pass through the same hole of multiple hole beads for a quick and easy way to create unlimited designs with multiple hole beads with less confusion.

Furthermore this stitch pattern works with all multiple hole beads, beads with even number of holes, (2 or 4) can be interchanged into any space in pattern, but beads with odd number of holes (3) should be used on the edges instead of the center line. 

Creatively this pattern uses one TOHO 11/o round bead in-between each multiple hole Czech bead, but can also be downsized by using TOHO 15/o Round beads, or TOHO Demi 11/o Round, Or 8/o Demi Rounds in-between each. If you want to create necklace, you can also use smaller spacer bead on one side and larger spacer seed bead on other side and project will naturally curve. 

Be bold mix up the design by varying the styles of multiple hole Czech beads in your design, the 4 hole beads allow you to create a second layer of embellishments of Fire Polish or Rounds or Crystals on top to sparkle up any design.

In addition this pattern also uses the TOHO 6/o Demi round bead at the ends of each bracelet to easily connect jump rings to clasps for stylish and secure connections to findings. 

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"Brick Stitch Bead Framing" by Rochelle Jay

Single Brick stitch technique is a fun embellishment for any fringes that you would you like to finish off the ends in a unique way. It uses one new TOHO 6/o Demi Round bead at the bottom of each fringe, circled by a row of 9 TOHO Aiko Cylinder beads, brick stitched each singly around the Demi bead, to create a double circle drop that will enhance and help weigh down the fringes so they hang nicely, and add a little flash of color to bottom of Tassels or flat designs. 

TOHO AIKO beads are always consistent in size and shape so each fringe comes symmetrical, and pattern designs come out clear and clean looking always lining up. 

This pattern also uses the TOHO 6/o Demi round bead at the top of the earring or tassel to connect to ear wires and jump rings for stylish and secure connections to findings. 

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"Tri Demi RAW"

This video is about Tri Demi RAW – Tutorial by Rochelle Jay | Bobby Bead using a Right Angle Weave using all 3 sizes of TOHO Demi Round Beads in a Right Angle Weave pattern.

The TOHO Demi beads are a uniquely thin compliment bead, they are the same diameter around as the regular Toho 11/o, 8/o and 6/o round beads, but they are cut in half so only half as tall as regular rounds. When you work The TOHO 6/o Demi beads in Right Angle weave stitch the beads are so narrow there’s tons of room to embellish the space between each bead, so after creating the first square with 6/o Demi, fill in the spaces with 11/o and 8/o Demi so give a fun accent and chain linked looking pattern. This pattern can be used to create a single chain bracelets or necklaces, or can be widened with multiple rows to create numerous variety of patterns. 

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"TOHO AIKO® Peace Ring"

This video is about TOHO AIKO® Peace Ring Tutorial by Rochelle Jay | Bobby Bead

TOHO Beads supplies beads all over the world. People meet and stay connected through our beads. Language is no barrier when it comes to beading. Beaders worldwide instantly spark conversations and become friends through the common interest of beads.
We started this project with the hope of spreading world peace and connecting people all over the world through the PEACE RING project. There are many regions in the world where people are still suffering from war and hunger ‒ regions where children can’t even go to school. We hope to make the world a better place where there will be no more war and hunger, food will be safe and accessible, and children can have a proper education.
The word “bead” has its roots in Old English and further back, meaning “to pray.”
With the words of our founder, “Soul in every bead,” instilled in all of our employees at TOHO, we make each bead with our soul at the Hiroshima factory, delivering them to you all throughout the world. By spinning each bead with needle and thread, let us work together to spread peace and pray for a safe world full of love for children.

Peace (Beads) for the world! 


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