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Understanding the difference between Basics, Intermediate, and Advanced techniques

Basic Techniques – 

Stretch String Basics
(Bracelets, Anklets, Necklaces)

Jewelry Stringing Basics
(Necklace, Bracelets with Crimping & Clasps)

Earring Basics
(Simple Link to Link, Loop to Loop and Hoops)

Bead Weaving Basic Stitches-Peyote-Brick-Ladder-Spiral-Herringbone
(Using Needle and Thread)

Tying Basics
(Macrame slide knots, and Leather Wrap Bracelets)

Wire Wrapping Basic

Intermediate Techniques

Jewelry Stringing Multi-strand designs-mix media designs.
(Necklace, Bracelets with Clasps)

Earring designs using Chandelier styles- Creating your own hoops-mixed media

Bead Weaving Intermediate Stitch Basics-Increasing/Decreasing in Peyote-Brick – Peyote and Brick stich Ropes-Spiral Herringbone Rope- basic Right Angle Weave-working with Multiple hole bead weaving patterns.
(Using Needle and Thread)

Tying Basics
Mala/Pearl Knotting

Advanced Techniques

Bead Weaving Advanced Stitch Basics-Designing patterns with – Peyote and Brick stitch-Spiral Herringbone Ropes with multiple hole bead accents- basic Cubic Right Angle Weave/Prismatic Right angle Weave
(Using Needle and Thread)

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It was such a pleasure to read, that I couldn't wait and started reading it all over again. The examples in the middle of the book really blew my mind.
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