Brick Stitch Russian Leaf Flower

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Brick Stitch Russian Leaf Flower by Dewi

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Brick Stitch Russian Leaf Flower made with AIKO® Beads.


The TOHO AIKO® Cylinder bead are the ultimate in precision, in bead size, shape and color uniformity. All AIKO® beads are pre-culled by manufacturer in Japan and beads are consistent for your beading projects. Furthermore making your Brick Stitch Russian Leaf Flower project perfect every time. Cylinder Beads are considered to be size 11 cylinder beads Therefore they are 1.5mm in diameter and 1.5mm in height, (160) piece per gram.

Bobby Bead carries the TOHO AIKO® Precision – Hex-Cut Cylinder Beads in 81 colors. Because these beads are the same dimensions as the regular AIKO® bead, but with 6 faceted sides to sparkle up any beaded project.

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