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Come and discover the new Pick & Go Make Section at Bobby Bead, where you can fashion your very own necklace, bracelet, or both. Here’s how it works

Head over to the register, and kindly inform a staff member that you would like to utilize the Pick & Go Make section.

Let the staff know what you want to make, your choices are:

“All Stretch Necklace” – 85 beads, 24 inches of stretchy string, and 1 beading needle. Cost $18

“All Stretch Necklace with Chain” – 40 – 46 beads, 24 inches of stretchy string, 5 1/2 to 6 inches of chain, and 1 beading needle. Cost $25

“All Stretch Bracelet” – 22 – 35 beads, 12 inches of stretchy string, and 1 beading needle. Cost $10

“All Stretch Bracelets with Chain” – 15 – 20 beads, 12 inches of stretchy string, 2 inches of chain, and 1 beading needle. Cost $18

Once you’ve made your decision about what you want to create, you will receive a bag with the appropriate materials based on your choice. Now, you have the opportunity to select your predetermined quantity of beads from the dedicated Pick & Go Make Section, which will be personally shown to you by the staff member. After selecting your beads, return to the register and make payment based on the items you’ve chosen for your project. That’s all there is to it! You can then take your materials and create your project at your convenience, whether it’s at home, in a park, or anywhere else you prefer.

Watch Video About The New Pick & Go Make Section At Bobby Bead

Pick & Go Make Tutorials

The videos here are a guide to help you with your Pick & Go Make project.

In addition to great content we have provided links to the products used in videos to make it easy for you to find what you see.

Intro & Step 1

Intro and Step 1 - Pick & Go Make

So you picked your beads and now it’s time to make something! Weather you make a bracelet or a necklace, you should find two bowls or trays to empty your beads into from your bag. This is an easier way to find your materials.

Step 2

Step 2 - Separate Materials and String Your Needle - Pick & Go Make

Separate your stretchy string & needle from your beads.
Now you can really get started by putting your string through the needle! Just insert the string into the little hole. This may take a few tries.

Step 3

Step 3 - Tie the knot & Pre-Stretch Your String

To tie the knot on the opposite end, you need to even out the string for the needle to be in the middle. Then do one normal tie. Don’t forget! You need to pre-stretch your stretchy string.

Step 4

Step 4- Get to Stringing Your Beads

Now, it’s time to plan out you project! I’m using a beading tray that I got at Bobby Bead to lay out my pattern! Time to string your beads.

And don’t worry if they slip off the end. You can use this little trick to keep that from happening.

Did your bead end up falling off? It may take a few tries to get it back on without a needle. Once you have it, open the string and push your bead through the hole. Then, close the string around the bead and hold it close while you take up the slack.

Step 5

Step 5 - Cut & Tie

Cut the needle and knot off the string. Keep your ends together and move the beads to be more even, so you have around the same amount of string and beads on both sides.

Pre-stretch and tie the knot. Tie one normal knot and pull the beads tightly together. Next, begin your second knot and this time you will send the string through the hole an extra time. Pull the knot tight making sure all the beads are nice and secure. Lastly, do one more knot with the extra pass through just like the previous knot. And just like that, BOOM you’re ready to cut.

Step 6 & Ending

Step 6 - Trim & Hide The Knot

Lets get cutting! I cut mine a bit too long for video demonstration. You will want to cut yours closer the the knot. Now it’s time to hide that knot! Make sure to have a bead with a big enough hole to fit your knot inside.

All you have to do is slide it through! While you clean up, make sure you save your needle for another project.

Thank for watching my quick guide to making a bracelet using the new Pick & Go Make section at Bobby Bead.

Items used in this project

Retail Stretchy String

All Stringing Materials:

Stretch Magic-Clear .5 Mm Or .019″ In Diameter. * 25 Meter Spool

Stretch Magic-Clear .5 mm or .019″ in diameter. * 25 Meter Spool

Stretch Magic-Pearl .5 Mm *10 Meter Spool

Retail Beading Needles

Beadalon Brand Collapsible Eye Needles. Medium, 2.5 Inch * 4 Needles

Beadalon Brand Collapsible Eye Needles. Medium, 2.5 Inch * 4 Needles


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