About Our Beads

TOHO Beads was founded on November 3, 1951, in Hiroshima, Japan. TOHO is the #1 glass bead maker in the world, their focus is on consistency and quality, with the respect, cooperation, and understanding of clients around the world. TOHO strives to improve techniques, as well as design and create new equipment and facilities to continue to develop new bead sizes, shapes and protective finishes

Bobby Bead has been directly importing TOHO beads since 2001 under the guidance and wisdom of Bobby Bead’s President, Robert Sorenson an artist, husband, and father; coupled with the amazingly knowable employees. It’s easy to see why they are proud of their hard work and determination that has resulted in a reputation of being one of largest retail and wholesalers with an impressive selections of TOHO beads in the USA.

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Bead Shapes

We have lots of different shape for you to use in your next project.

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Bead Sizes

Little Beads, Medium Beads, Large Beads, and everything in between.

Bead Lined & Finishes

Learn about the shimmer, shine, and the inside options of beads.